Depending on the kindness of others

I do not know why I am compelled to create these. I love the way the clay feels and how they allow my fingers and hands to trace the contours and something immaterial inside and outside of the edges of the figure that is before me.

Now that I must bring them home I wonder where to put them, or, worse: how to transport them.

Rosario offered to drive them from the studio. Thank you Chaiyo!

Gathering boxes, wrapping paper, cloths and a few other items, I ventured on TTC.

With boxes and I plan my steps, how to manouevre those stairs at Sherbourne Subway Station. Then a young woman came and helped carry them all the flights of stairs to the platform! She said I reminded her of her mom. How sweet is that?!!

About macconlon

Artist, activist, community organizer now working as a Community Minister for the Davenport Perth Community Ministry of the Shining Waters Region of the United Church of Canada.
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