“Saphira and Other Stories Brought to Light” show closed early!

Saphira and Other Stories Brought to Light

my first solo show

ARTbeat Poster 7-reduced The last Old Town ARTbeat event was an art exhibit, “Saphira and Other Stories Brought to Light,” featuring some of my artwork (and Old Town ARTbeat posters!) which was to have been on display at Chaska until Saturday, February 26. Unfortunately, Chaska is closing and I had to take down all the pictures on Monday, February 21.

I was honoured to have so many friends and art appreciators at the reception. After explaining how some of the artwork is trying to offer a material trace of Biblical narratives, many requested more information about these stories and what they mean. The story of Saphira was intriguing; that of Jephthah’s daughter was chilling.

A few people suggested that we hold some study sessions to learn more about these stories, incorporating meditation (yoga?) and prayer. I’ve never really done yoga before (someone else offered!) but am very interested in getting into dissecting these stories, in the way of “unprotected texts”.

Mary Druce, one of our featured artists who is an actress, storyteller, and writer said that she had, at one point, thought to follow up her Shakespeare’s Womyn work with stories from the Bible.

Do let me know if you are interested in any of the study sessions.

About macconlon

Artist, activist, community organizer now working as a Community Minister for the Davenport Perth Community Ministry of the Shining Waters Region of the United Church of Canada.
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